Thursday, July 6, 2017

Officer Team for 2017-18

Last night our 2017-18 officer team was sworn in by PDG Dan Plowman (Carlos) at our July Potluck Banquet and meeting.  The new crew is as follows:

Officer Team for 2017-2018
President:  Mike Ranweiler
1st Vice President:  -vacant-
2nd Vice President:  -vacant-
3rd Vice President:  Lisa Hynes
Secretary: Harold Peterson
Treasurer: Steve Otto
Tail Twister: Tessa Dutcher
Lion Tamer:  John Lund
Board of Directors:  Jim Spencer (1), Tom Trisko (2), Al Guenther (3)
Immediate Past President:  Tessa Dutcher

Here's to a great year of service for our community -- Cheers!!