2018 Sportsmen's Raffle

2018 Brandon Community Sportsmen's Raffle

106 Prizes including a Firebrand Fish House (6.5'x14') and a Bear Track Trailer

Drawing to be held December 27th, 2017 at Brandon City Auditorium at 7:00pm.
Only 2500 tickets sold
Names will be returned to drum after each drawing.

Thank you for supporting the Brandon Lions Club, Brandon Fire Auxiliary, and Brandon Fin & Feather Club and the work they do for the Brandon Community.

Winners will be posted on this webpage throughout 2018


2nd:  Ion ice Auger
4th:  Savage Axis .308
9th: T/C Venture .243
11th: Eskimo Fish House
16th:  Vexilar FL-28
18th:  Louisiana Pellet Grill
23rd:  Remington 783 22-250
25th:  Winchester XSP 12ga
30th:  Marcum Camera

1st:  Ion Ice Auger
6th:  Remington 783 .300
8th:  Eskimo Fish House
13th:  Stevens 555 20ga
15th:  T/C Venture .270
20th:  Ruger 10-22
22nd:  Marcum Camera
27th:  Henry 22 Lever Action

1st:  Ion Ice Auger
6th:  Remington 783 .243
8th:  Winchester SX4 12ga
13th:  Eskimo Fish House
15th:  Browning A-Bolt 3
20th:  Tikka T3X 300 WIN
22nd:  Savage Axis .270
27th:  T/C Venture 30-06
29th:  Winchester XSP 12ga

3rd:  Ion Ice Auger
5th:  Henry 22 Lever Action
10th:  Remington 870 20ga
12th:  Eskimo Fish House
17th:  Savage 17 HMR
19th:  TC Impact .50 cal
24th:  Ruger 10-22
26th:  Winchester XSP 12ga

1st: Ion Ice Auger
3rd:  Savage 220 Slug Gun
8th:  Savage 17 HMR
10th: Browning A-Bolt 30-06
15th:  Winchester XSP 12ga
17th:  Savage Axis 7mm
22nd:  Reminton 783 .223
24th:  TC Impact .50 cal
29th:  Henry 22 Lever Action
31st:  T/C Venture 308

5th:  Louisiana Pellet Grill
7th:  Browning A-Bolt 3 .270
12th:  TC Impact .50 cal
14th:  Savage Axis .243
19th:  Remington 783 .300
21st:  Savage 220 Slug Gun
26th:  Ruger 10-22
28th:  Remington 870 12ga

3rd:  Louisiana Pellet Grill
4th of July:  Firebrand Fish House 6.5'x14'
5th:  Winchester SX4 12ga
10th:  Winchester XSP 12ga
12th:  Ruger American Rifle .308
17th:  Marcum Camera
19th:  Savage Axis 30-06
24th:  Savage 220 Slug Gun
26th:  TC Impact .50 cal
31st:  Winchester MDL 70 7mm

2nd:  Louisiana Pellet Grill
7th:  Ruger American Rifle 30-06
9th:  Ruger 10-22
14th:  Savage Axis .243
16th:  Henry 22 Lever Action
21st:  Vexilar FL-28
23rd:  Savage 220 Slug Gun
28th:  TC Impact .50 cal
30th:  Remington 870 12ga

Labor Day (9/3):  Bear Track Trailer
4th:  Louisiana Pellet Grill
6th:  Remington 783 7mm
11th:  Ruger American Rifle .270
13th:  Marcum Camera
18th:  Henry 22 Lever Action
20th:  Winchester XSP 12ga
25th:  Browning A-Bolt 7mm
27th:  TC Impact .50 cal

2nd:  Savage 17 HMR
4th:  Remington 870 12ga
9th:  Savage 220 Slug Gun
11th:  Vexilar FL-28
16th:  Ruger American Rifle .223
18th:  Savage Axis .270
23rd:  Ruger 10-22
25th:  Browning Maxus 12ga
30th:  Winchester SX4 12 ga

1st:  Ruger 10-22
6th:  Marcum Camera
8th:  Weatherby Vanguard Deluxe .270
13th:  Browning A-Bolt 300 WIN
15th:  Savage 17 HMR
20th:  Vexilar FL-28
22nd:  Henry 22 Lever Action
27th:  Winchester XSP 12ga
29th:  Ruger American Rifle .243

4th:  T/C Venture 7mm
6th:  Ruger 10-22
11th:  Browning X Bolt medallion 30-06
13th:  Vexilar FL-28
18th:  Savage 17 HMR
20th:  Remington 870 12ga
25th:  Winchester XSP 12ga
27th:  Ruger American Rifle 22-250